Thursday, 9 December 2010

For the last month I've been working on the FACT project. We were asked to choose a fact. i started by looking at squid, I have been intested in squid for a while and think they are amazing creatures. I then chose to focus of how squid use chromataphores to change colour and why.

Each chromataphore contains a pigment. Most squid have pinks, reds, and yellow pigments.

They use it to camouflage , by making them bigger or smaller to match suroundings.

When they change colour it happens in a wave/ brush strake across them.

They can also use it to comunicate. making the chromataphores really bigger when distressed, making them look bright red.

The reason why they chage colour in a wave, is because the conections in the brain are aranged in the same pattern as the chromataphores, so as connections are made in the brain the same thing happens on the skin.

This is the usual pattern for the chromataphores but in grayscale.

To change colour the, the elastic sacs the hold the pigment distory with muscualr contraction.

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